For PARTY bookingS, COCKTAIL MASTERCLASSES and other enquiries, please contact US:

Friday & Saturday tables must be taken by 20.00 and maximum party size 50 people. Weekdays can be more flexible on timings and exclusive hire considered on a case by case basis. We have a partnership with the wonderful team at Olivos Guildford Pizza & Canapés but must be ordered in advance.

group events &  cocktail masterclasses

The (I can’t be bothered to read all the waffle) masterclass info 

  • Classes last around 90 minutes depending on size of group, proficiency, how many questions you have etc. 
  • Cost is £25 per head 
  • You will learn to make and sip  3 drinks: 1 house signature, 1 classic and a our very own take on a classic 
  • You can bring between 1 and 25 budding boozey buddies
  • Try and get booked early… we fill up fast!

The (waffley) Masterclass info

Firstly, congratulate your own inquisitiveness with a slow golf clap, not many people read beyond the initial bullet pointed list so you heroes of exploration deserve it! 

Your expert bartender will impart their wisdom upon you with fun facts, tricks and tips to help you become a superstar home-bartending wizard. 

The drinks we recommend are: 

  • Signature- F*** it lets buy a bar
  • Classic- White Lady
  • Take on a classic – Strawberry Daiquiri

The 90 minute (approx.) masterclass will take place in our made to fit hidden upstairs private bar. The course begins with an introduction to the premium spirits used at the BAR with a brief history of their origins. Next, a bartender provides practical training: each participant will compose and enjoy their own cocktail.